The following are a number of commonly asked questions regarding Sportsbooks. If you don't find the information you require please contact us.

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How long does it take to receive my Sportsbooks?

Once we have confirmed your payment for the books it generally takes up to 10 working days to design and produce them.

Can I use more or less than 26 photos?

26 photos (this includes one image for both the front and rear cover) produces a book which provides the best results. This allows an individual photo per team member, as well as images of your coach, supporters photo and a couple of general game overviews. 26 is the maximum quantity we will include, if you have less than 26 photos we can create a 14 page sportsbook including front and back cover pages.

Can I use more or  less than 26 photos?

Sure - simply submit 14 photos including front and back cover and we will produce this for you.

Can I have a different template for the book?

No. Although we offer flexibilty in terms of colour, number of photos, captions,and a personalised front and back cover. We find that this provides the best balance of features and costs to our customers.

What text can I add to the book?

You can add text to your:

  • Cover page: You may like to include the season dates, grades and team or club names.
  • Internal pages:Captions on internal pages are an optional extra. Captions will appear in a coloured space beneath your photo and are limited to 200 characters per image.

Will the photos appear as provided?

In most cases yes, however, because most photos are taken in rectanglar format and our books are square some cropping may occur.

Where cropping would alter the photo subject too significantly, we will add a coloured background to match the colour of your front cover. As your books are show casing your team members, we will endeavour to crop with this in mind.

How do we make payments?

Visit our payments page which gives options for making payment once photos and captions have been confirmed and invoice sent.